AACS 2018 here we come: Dr Green to speak with world renowned cosmetic surgeons

I am so very excited to announce an upcoming speaking engagement at the annual scientific meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in Las Vegas! It is always a privilege and a pleasure to be speaking with other cosmetic surgeons from around the world! This amazing event occurring February 1-3 in Las Vegas, Nv gathers the top Cosmetic and Plastic surgeons from around the world the discuss the latest trends in Aesthetic Medicine.

My topic this year is titled “Lifting more than the face: Optimizing outcomes through combined cosmetic procedures.” This is truly my passion. By comprehensively analyzing my patients faces and offering them an approach combining multiple cosmetic procedures in one surgical setting my patients get the results they want while minimizing their down time and eliminating the need for further surgeries. Facial aging is a complex problem and we shouldn’t pretend it can be fixed with one single procedure. It should be treated as the complex issue that it is and approached with a unique grouping of procedures to achieve each patient’s goals. Combing procedures is not only effective but safe and cost effective, eliminating the need for more time out of work or social life and the need for additional anesthetics.

I am so very excited to be speaking this year at a meeting featuring amazing cosmetic providers such as Dr Joe Niamtu, Dr Angelo Cuzalina,Dr Suzan Obagi , Dr Paul Nassif, Dr John Fezza, Dr Julie Woodward, Dr Sheila Barbarino, Dr Ryan Diepenbrock just to name a few!

Dr J Marshall Green III DDS

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Hampton Roads, Virginia