Cannula injection techniques for facial fillers

Facial Fillers are an amazing adjunct to revitalizing the youthfulness of the aging face. As the face ages 2 things occur to the volume of the face 1) volume is both lost 2) volume descends due to gravity. Late aging often requires resuspension of the volume of the face using surgical lifting techniques but both early and late aging often benefit from “revolumization” of the face. This concept of facial aging can be thought of as the raisin theory. If you take a raisin and pull all of its wrinkles up skin tight what do you have… a tight raisin. What we want in facial aging is a full, luscious and beautiful grape again! We must get volume back!!

Fillers are one of the ways in which we regain volume. The other methods include facial implants and fat transfer which also are very successful especially for more significant facial aging! When it comes to fillers injection technique and filler material are everything! This video features the newest fillers from the Allergan line: Volbella and Vollure. These are two amazing fillers with excellent applications both on and off label. The addition of flexible cannulas really is a phenomenal addition to filler injection!

When it comes to technique, the use of a blunt tip flexible cannula truly is one of my favorites. My favorite cannula currently is the Dermasculpt Microcannula. The theory here is that the flexible blunt tip easily navigates through the dermis and subcutaneous tissues with lower rates of vascular injury and thus less bruising and inflammation. (Picture used from the Dermasculpt website click for redirection to their site). I truly hope you enjoy the video and as always feel free to email me with any questions or comments!!

This patient gratefully provided us an unedited 24 hr updated photo showing ZERO bruising and minimal swelling on the day following injections.

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Dr J Marshall Green III

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

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