Profound RF and CORE Fusion Laser Resurfacing

Sound too good to be true? We thought so too at first. I spend countless hours every week studying the latest trends and offerings from the medical device market. Many devices come out on the market promising to cure this or fix that and believe me I have seen and heard them all! I am excited to share a device that truly delivers and that device is Profound RF.

So, you may have heard of radio-frequency and there are many treatments out there where a device is applied to the skin in multiple treatment promising to slim, tighten and tone the jawline and neck. Bottom line, multiple (often painful) treatments later the promised results do not arrive. Patients are often told at this point that they are “non-responders” and another treatment modality is offered, often surgery. You may also have heard of micro-needling, and this is a great treatment for superficial tone and texture of the skin! We often combine micro-needling and PRP to get a great superficial result. So what’s the problem with all this great stuff?? Micro-needling can’t generate the stimulation needed to create significant collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid growth and radio-frequency on the skin cant penetrate deep enough to affect the layers of the face, jaw line and neck that create significant lifting and tightening.

PROFOUND RF!!! This device places electronic electrode pairs deep into the skin and then the pairs of electrodes emit radio-frequency heating the tissue to a specific scientifically validated temperature for a specific amount of time. This combination comes from clinical trials shown to generate optimum collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. So what does all this mean?? In 1-2 hours under local anesthesia you can come and undergo a non-surgical procedure that will lift, tighten, and slim (if indicated) the Face, Jawline and Neck!! The best part is that 100% of patients responded in clinical trials and on average patients received 37% the result of a facelift. If that sounds like something you are interested in the contact us today to schedule a Profound RF consultation at no charge.

—-Dr G


Dr J Marshall Green III

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Newport News, Virginia