Real Self™: The place to be for patient and surgeon info and interaction

Well the longer I do Facial Plastic Surgery and the more people I meet, the more I realize people LOVE to talk about cosmetic surgery!! It doesn’t matter If I am at the grocery store, on airplanes, at meetings, etc once people find out what I do they love to hear about it. I’ve also found out people love to talk about what to anticipate, what they experienced, or to ask questions when they don’t understand something.

So the first obvious question is where can all of this discussion happen. If i’d had that answer a few years back i’d be running a website instead of operating every day. I am kidding of course cause I don’t know what i’d do if I couldn’t operate, but seriously the people at Real Self™ have created an amazing forum where patients and professionals can interact in an open and accessible format. If you haven’t checked it out I would recommend it! Also, if you’re one of our patients and you’d like to tell other people about your experience in my care that would be a blessing as well! Thanks so much and enjoy!! Click the first link below if you’d like to visit my profile and the second link if you’d like to leave me a Real Self™ review! Thanks as always.


Dr J Marshall Green III DDS

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Hampton Roads, Virginia