Replacing the Entire Lower Jaw: We did that!!

So I have been very fortunate in my life to work with some amazing people. The skill set I have been blessed with through my fellowships including Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery includes microvascular procedures where we take one part of the body and move it to the head an neck and reconnect the blood vessels using a microscope. My two surgical passions are truly Facial Cosmetic Procedures and Complex microvascular reconstruction. The skills I have learned in these two fields may seem quite different but they complement each other in amazing ways. My reconstructive techniques only better help me appreciate the structures that give the face its form and function and thus optimize my Aesthetic outcomes. The Cosmetic Surgery principles I use every day get employed into my reconstructions and thus make reconstructive outcomes even better.

This article details an amazing case that I did with Dr Ramzey Tursun my friend and mentor in Microvascular reconstruction of the Head and neck. In this unique case report the entire jaw was removed and replaced with single bone from the leg. That new lower face was then fully rehabilitated with dental implants and teeth. To my knowledge this patient is the only such case fully restored with total microvasular jaw from condyle to condyle IN THE WHOLE WORLD of medical literature!! Click the image below to check it out and I hope you enjoy the read!

Dr J Marshall Green III DDS

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Facial Surgery

Hampton Roads, Virginia