Cosmetic Facial Surgery Newport News

I love facial rejuvenation surgery!! Plain and simple!! It is what I enjoy, it is my passion, and I strive to give our patients the best outcomes they can achieve!! When it comes to discussing Aesthetic Facial Surgery needs with my patients I have found the best way is to first listen to the primary concerns then to discuss facial aging by region of the face. The main 3 regions are the Upper Face, Midface, Lower face. When you look at the list below think of the upper 1/3 of the face as the forehead and brow, the middle third as the eyes, nose and cheeks and the lower third as the lips jowls and neck!!   The last area I like to focus on is the skin in general and the needs of the patient for revitalizing the dermis and epidermis.  By taking the time to go through each of these areas with my patients I find we are able to illicit all the factors my patient’s may or may not recognize that are contributing to the dissatisfaction with their appearance. Click our links below to see what The Aesthetic Face has to offer you.

Dr. Green

A diagram of different sections of the face