Neck Lift

The neck lift

Many people come into the office day after day asking for a lift to the neck but not wanting a “face lift”. While we understand you are saying many people have a misunderstanding of what  facelift really is. It is a procedure that removes the extra skin as wells tightens the loose musculature of the lower 1/3 of the face. This includes the neck skin often referred to as the “turkey neck” as well as the loose skin in the jowl region over the border of the jaw. While it is technically possible to lift just the skin of the neck without affecting the face at all, it is rare to find a patient that needs a neck lift but would not benefit from a true facelift.  If you have questions about these differences we encourage you to schedule a time to speak with Dr Green about what would benefit you!

On another note, there are many technological offerings for non surgical neck and face lifting, tightening and thinking. Most of these promise results over a series of treatments many months apart. This can be time consuming and very costly. When it comes to non surgical options for face and neck lifting Dr Green is excited to be able to offer our patients Profound RF! Please CLICK HERE to learn more about this alternative. It is not a true substitute for surgery but is a fantastic alternative for patients with early neck and face aging or for those patients who want a result but aren’t willing to undergo a surgical procedure. We always caution patients to beware of alternatives that promise the world but eventually under deliver. These patients could spend thousands on non invasive techniques but would be much better served with a single surgical procedure. Dr. Green discusses all of these options with our patients in the consultation while forming the treatment plan to meet each patient’s goals.  See Dr. Green‘s video below on treating the lax muscles of the neck!