Facial Contouring

Volume, Volume, Volume. When it comes to anti aging facial rejuvenation techniques Dr. Green LOVES VOLUME!! One of the best ways in which a face can be rejuvenated is by the addition of volume. That being said many of our patients have a different problem, TOO MUCH volume. For these patients facial balance can only be achieved via procedures that remove unwanted fullness. There are many such procedures these days the majority of which have to do with removal of fat. These techniques can include liposuction but here are some open surgical procedures to remove facial volume as well. One of the most popular is buccal fat pad reduction. This is a procedure that is performed through an incision inside the mouth removing some of the cheek fat and effectively sculpting the cheek into a more tapered and refined appearance. If you feel too full in the face and want more definition of your cheeks and jawline, this is likely a wonderful option for you!! Please schedule your consultation today to discuss this further with Dr. Green!!