Brow & Forehead Lift

Aging takes its toll on the face in various ways but one of the most prevalent is the sagging or drooping of the eyebrows. Medically this is known as “brow ptosis”. The female brow is one that has  a gentle arch which elegantly extends it up and over the bony rim that surrounds the eye. Men, however, find their brows right over the bony rim of the eye. The result of gravity and muscle laxity over the years causes the eyebrow to droop giving a tired appearance or in some of our female patients cases a less feminine appearance.

One of the most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedures is eyelid surgery. Many patients come in concerned about their baggy lids or perhaps have friends asking them why they always look so tired. This redundant upper eyelid skin steals the youthfulness of the face but is often associated with the sagging eyebrows as well. To treat the eyelids only without addressing the brow position can, in some patients, worsen the aging affect of the drooping brow. Proper identification of the underlying reason for the extra eyelid skin results in a more proper diagnosis, treatment and an improved aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Green frequently sees patients that have had eyelid surgery performed elsewhere but still feel their eyes do not look as youthful as they would like. Many of these patients had surgeons that never mentioned their brow position and focused only on the eyelids. Unfortunately in some cases a previously performed aggressive eyelid surgery makes a brow lift procedure an impossibility.

Elevating the Brow and Forehead not only  raises the eyebrows but also reduces ridges and furrows on the forehead, thus creating a smoother, more youthful appearance.  The muscles that contribute to worry lines or scowl lines can also be weakened during this procedure. Brow and Forehead lifts can be performed in conjunction with other surgeries. Watch Dr. Green‘s video below on simultaneous Brow lift and Blepharoplasty.

Brow lift surgery Before and Afters

Dr. Green speaks, lectures, and teaches and is constantly taking high quality photographs of our patients for these purposes. While Dr. Green take’s great pride in the product of his work the majority of Dr. Green’s photo galleries are maintained in the office and are available to all our potential patients for review. 

Mini Brow Lift (Transfollicular Brow Lift)

After performing various types of brow lift procedures Dr. Green now most frequently performs Mini Brow Lift. This has become his preferred technique as other types of lifts often fail to address longstanding forehead wrinkles and require holes, plates or screws in the bones of the skull to serve as anchors for their lifts.

While these other lifts do elevate the hairline, their short comings or downsides can be overcome with the Mini Open Brow lift technique. This technique uses a specialized “Transfolicular” incision which when healed is nearly indiscernible.  The incision heals so well because as the name describes the incision is made through “trans” the hair follicles “follicular” and the carefully preserved hair follicles grow through the incision further hiding it from the naked eye. See the images below both with the hair down and also pulled up in a close up view to see the near imperceptible, well healed incision.  Much like a facelift procedure, transfollicular brow lifts are performed immediately under the skin and result in a similar removal of excess skin and wrinkles. The Transfollicular brow lift should not be confused with traditional “coronal” brow lifts which utilized large incisions with extensive dissections.  Much Like a facelift, by removing skin the excess skin, the wrinkles are addressed as well as the brow elevated. Dr. Green as well many other surgeons feel this type of brow lift provides our patients with a superior and longer lasting result when compared to other contemporary brow lift techniques.

The Botox Brow Lift (EyeBrow Lift without surgery)

Not all of our patients walk into the practice ready to undergo a surgical procedure to meet their Aesthetic goals. For such patients who also desire a more youthful brow the Micro Lift is fantastic option for treating the brow. Dr. Green performs this procedure by carefully placed injections into the muscles that normally depress the brow. By using neuromodulators such as Botox the brow can be raised in a subtle but elegant manner.  The limitations of this procedure include its transient correction as Botox eventually wears off, the amount of correction that can be achieved, and the demanding precision of the injections as poorly placed injections or irregular anatomy can cause an upper eyelid droop.

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Dr. Green is a very skilled surgeon with excellent patient rapport. His caring manner is personified in his excellent abilities and quality results. I would recommend him to anyone.. Dr. Green performed a nerve graft, brow lift and facial resurfacing.