Double Chin Removal: Kybella

Do you ever look in the mirror and see a double chin but just not know where to begin to get rid of it?  Perhaps you’ve contemplated getting that area treated but just aren’t willing to undergo a surgical procedure. Well the injectable market has grown substantially over the last 5-10 years and fortunately for our patient’s that growth has resulted in new product development. Now in some cases that evolution has just been rebranding but in many cases companies are producing new versions of tried products with better technology and thus improved use profiles. Every now and then a product comes out of no where in the injectable market and changes the way we think about certain things. Kybella® is one such product!! So the next question most people want to know as both patients and providers is how is Kybella® administered. We have gone ahead and prepared a video detailing the injection technique for Kybella®. We hope you enjoy it!!

Historically the only way to treat excess fat deposits in the face and neck has been surgical removal either via closed procedures (think Liposuction) or open procedures (think Facelift, Neck lift, Open Lips etc). However, more and more patients are coming to the cosmetic market though at younger ages, many with little interest in surgical procedures. For these patients and others Kybella® offers a wonderful upside, Fat removal without surgery!

So What is Kybella®?? Kybella is a synthetic deoxycholic acid. This acid normally occurs naturally in the body is crucial for metabolizing and absorbing dietary fats. When injected Deoxycholic acid acts to destroy fat cells via “lipolysis” and thus reduce fullness under the chin. Theoretically once these cells are destroyed the fat storage potential is decreased and future fat deposition should be significantly diminished

Frequently Asked Kybella Questions

How many treatments will I need? 

Depending on the patient’s needs, between two and four Kybella® sessions, spaced four to six weeks apart, are required for optimal results.  Kybella® is not for patients seeking immediate results.  The body will need four to eight weeks to break down targeted fat cells, and only then will the benefits of treatment become noticeable. Most of Dr. Green’s patients will see their results begin to appear after the first or second Kybella® session.  The final results from Kybella® are permanent, as the dissolved fat cells will not reform.

Is the result permanent?

Yes, the results from Kybella are permanent. Once the fat is gone….its gone!! 

Is liposuction better than Kybella?

Well, liposuction is a single surgical treatment requiring local anesthesia or even sedation but it does often provide a dramatic neck slimming result.

Unlike liposuction, Kybella® holds little risk for complications or scarring.  The most common side effects include mild redness at the treatment site, bleeding, bruising, and temporary numbness, but these will normally dissipate over the first 24 to 48 hours.  More serious complications, such as difficulty swallowing, nerve damage, or facial asymmetry are rare.  Dr. Green is expertly trained with Kybella®.  He has refined his own, specific techniques to provide our patients with the most outstanding results possible.