Mini Facelift and “weekend” Facelift

Dr. Green does offer MiniLift and “weekend” facelift procedures here at The Aesthetic Face. A disturbing trend we do see, unfortunately, is the patient that presents disappointed in a previous facelift. Many of these patients agree to a mini or “weekend lift” with great expectations and then the surgical procedure under delivers. Weekend facelift procedures are excellent procedures when they are performed on the correct surgical candidate, but many of our patients who need a comprehensive facelift underwent these smaller procedures elsewhere only to be disappointed in their outcomes.

The Mini or “weekend” facelift, also known as a short scar lift, uses a limited dissection and tissue undermining resulting in a shorter down time in recovery. This limited approach does lead to shorter recovery but also limits the amount of change that can be made with your facelift.  Dr. Green takes extensive time with each patient to access their needs and then ensure that their expectations meet with the planned surgical procedures. If you would like to know if you are a candidate for a small or “weekend” lift, please contact our office to schedule your consultation today.

The Mini Face lift  Procedure and Weekend Facelift Surgery

Facelifts are performed either in our state of the art office surgical suite. Procedures are either performed under IV sedation or general anesthesia utilizing our wonderful team of anesthesiologists depending upon the patients needs and health history which must be assessed by your primary care doctor before your procedure can be performed.

While Dr. Green performs mainly comprehensive facelifts, occasionally patients present with s small amount of skin laxity without muscle involvement that makes them a good candidate for a small lift under the names above. These small lifts  still use incisions inside the hairline at the temple, in front of the ear, then around the earlobe. Where they differ from comprehensive lifts is that they do not address the muscle under the chin and they do not extend onto the scalp skin and hairline posterior to the ear.  While this Short Scar facelift approach sounds wonderful it does limit the lift because only so much skin can be tightened before there is no place further to pull it. This approach may leave the patient that is trying to avoid the larger incision behind the ears with small pleats of skin that will loosen and become much less noticeable over the first 3-6 months.

While Dr. Green does enjoy weekend lift surgery, he only recommends it in candidates needed the smallest of lifts because he truly wants our patients to be happy with their results!

Facelift Surgery Before and After

While a few of Dr. Green‘s facelift outcomes are pictured here on dozens of our patients photos are available for view in the office during your consultation. These galleries will better show you what weekend lifts, s lifts, short scar lifts, and comprehensive facelifts can do for you!

Post Operative Care

For questions about what to expect after facelift surgery please see our page of post operative instructions in online documentation.

Mini Face lift Recovery

During your preoperative visit a long list of things to expect during your recovery are reviewed and all of your questions are answered by Dr. Green. We tell all of our facelift patients to expect two weeks of downtime outside of the public eye. Mini Face lifts are often shorter than this with patients back out and about wearing makeup in 7-10 days.  In addition when any adjunctive procedures are completed such as laser resurfacing, eye lid surgery, facial implants etc, the longer two week recovery may be required. By combining these procedures Dr. Green can better meet our patients needs as well as prevent them future procedures with additional downtime.

Mini Lift Incisions and scars

Many patients choose Mini-lifts based on the desire for less scaring or fewer incisions. For patients that are mini lift candidates the incisions usually avoid extension back into the hair line and there is no incision under the chin. The incisions Dr. Green uses are carefully crafted in order to be hidden and are nearly imperceptible once healed. Mini-lifts, weekend lifts, short scar and s-lifts all have limited incisions which further decreases the size of Dr. Green‘s already imperceptible incisions.

Face lift without surgery

Non invasive therapies using energy based devices is an ever growing interest to our practice and our patients. There is perhaps no better group of patients better served with non invasive therapies than the “mini-lift” or early aging patient. Dr Green has been featured for his non surgical facelift technique utilizing Profound RF a revolutionary non surgical liftiging and tightening device. This procedure is performed using the latest scientific breakthroughs combining microneedling and radio frequency. While traditional radio frequency treatments work on the skin level only, Profound RF puts the energy where it needs to go, into the deeper tissues of the face and neck. This gives patients truly surgical-like results without a surgical procedure and with minimal down time. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT PROFOUND RF

Mini-Lift Plastic Surgery Costs

Patients frequently call now requesting cost estimates of the procedures they are considering. Many surgeons refuse outright but we understand that you may just be trying to see if what they are considering is in the ballbark. Often times the prices provided online are teasers to get the patient in the door before lots of “required additions” are made.

While we do provide fees here for you to consider the majority of our fees are given as a range. This is because every face is different and patients present with varying degrees of aging. One patient may truly require a mini or small facelift while another requires a much larger facelift to achieve their treatment goals.

Dr. Green performs several facelifts per month and of those lifts prices range from $6,500-9,500

How Long Does a Mini facelift Last?

Dr. Green gets this question often regarding all types of anti aging procedures. The mini lift is specifically a limited approach to correct early facial aging. It is designed to turn the clock back multiple years, it does not however stop the clock from moving forward. With the exception of sickness, rapid weight gain/loss etc, Patient should be enjoying their results for years to come after facelift surgery.

See Dr. Green‘s Facelift Reviews

5 star review by Andrew Silva - Dr. Green's work is outstanding! Friends who have known me for years say I look like I did twenty years ago. He is easy to work with and he cares for his patients' progress. Followup has been excellent. 5 star review by Betsy Forte - I was referred to Dr. Green by an orthodontist for orthognathic corrective jaw surgery. I was overjoyed after Dr. Green & team performed extensive texts, x-rays, pictures, etc. and informed me that the surgery was not necessary to correct my bite. Dr. Green's passion for what he does, and commitment to do it RIGHT is very comforting. He is a doctor you can trust in every sense of the word. If he says it needs to be done - it needs to be done. And, you are in good hands. In this case, it didn't need to be done! Yay!!! Dr. Green has extensive knowledge, he is eager to share his knowledge and his genuine concern for his patients is like a breath of fresh air in today's day and age. The people of Hampton Roads are lucky to have this gem in our neighborhood. I decided to have minor corrective facial cosmetic surgery and knew right away who I would trust with my face - Dr. Green. From day 1 until now - months after I have healed, Dr. Green has always been invested and concerned about not only the healing but my satisfaction. He told me I would just look like a younger version of myself, and he was right. I had a lot of surgery done but after I healed, not one person questioned if I had surgery. However, I had PLENTY of people mention how great my skin looked and wondered what I was doing to look so young. My 79 year old father was so amazed by how good my neck looked that he too went to Dr. Green for cosmetic surgery and looks fantastic! I had direct communication with Dr. Green through both my and my father's recovery. He ALWAYS responded quickly and never made me feel like my I had too many questions or that he was put out. Good man. Great doctor. Right decision. Thank you Dr. Green!

Dr. Green was recommended to me by a friend after he did her eyelid surgery. I met with Dr. Green, discussed my concerns, and after some research I decided to go forward with a lower facelift, CO2 laser resurfacing, and fat transfer to fill in dark circles under my eyes. My results are amazing! I have already had requests for his contact information from friends who are very impressed by my new look. Recovery took approximately 2 weeks. Before, during, and after my procedure Dr. Green made himself available to answer questions and concerns. During my recovery, my stress was greatly reduced by Dr. Green when he quickly answered my concerns via text. Dr. Green is sincerely interested not only my appearance but also in me - he is a true healing specialist I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Green and know he will be my