Aesthetic Facial Augmentation

Facial Augmentation with fillers and fat transfer has become a mainstay in cosmetic surgery. Dr. Green performs these procedures on a routine basis. As time progresses in life the majority of individuals loose facial volume. The volume is either resorbed or becomes droopy due to the effects of gravity over time. Something that should look like a grape has unfortunately turned into a raisin. The two methods to treat “raisin disease” are to 1) Tighten the raisin up or 2) To fill it back up. In many cases a tightening procedure is indicated but in just as many especially those in the first half of life returning the volume back to the face successfully treats “raisin disease” and gives the patient that full youthful look they have been missing. How is that done? There are two great options: 1) Facial Fillers 2) Fat Transfer.

What are Facial Fillers??

Facial Fillers are a group of products that come manufactured in sterile syringes and are injected directly into the area of concern. The areas of treatment are limited to any are where more volume is desired: Cheeks, Tear Troughs, Folds, Nasal Deformities, Lips, Fine lines, etc. As the patient there is no better time to receive facial fillers as science has really provided us with a huge offering of products to match your desired result with filler that has ideal characteristics to meet that desire. Several of the newest fillers now last up to 2 years if desired. The majority of the fillers Dr. Green uses are hyaluronic acid based and can be fully reversed if needed. See our Blog posts on Aesthetic Facial Augmentation with Facial Fillers.

What is Fat Transfer??

Fat transfer, also known as autogenous fat transfer or structural fat grafting is a procedure in which Dr. Green sculpts or augments the face using the patient’s own fat. This can be an excellent procedure for patient that are wary of using facial fillers, require a large volume of augmentation or are tired of repeated injections. For this procedure fat is harvested conservatively via liposuction, processed and injected into the areas predetermined prior to the procedure to achieve the desired outcome. As opposed to fillers where injection is taken to endpoint, fat does undergo a resorption process and in some cases additional treatment sessions may be required to achieve the patient’s desired outcome.

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