Ear Pinning

Ear Pinning procedure

Large, malformed or over projected ears are the result of abnormal growth or development of the cartilage as mentioned above. As different parts of the ear cartilage are often affected the approach to each ear is different. Some ears require removal of a portion of cartilage while other ears can be corrected with weakening and repositioning of the ear. This repositioning is done with sutures in addition to the work on the cartilage. 

Ear Pinning ( Otoplasty) Cost

In some cases one ear may be treated but often times both ears require treatment. The cost of otoplasty ranges from $3700 – $4500 for the treatment of both ears. 

See Dr. Green‘s Otoplasty Reviews and Ear pinning Results Two of my children had otoplasty done about a year ago and I was very impressed with how personable he was to me and my children. And the procedure couldn't of went any smoother. From the first consultation with him and leading up to the procedure he wanted to make sure the kids knew what to expect and make sure they felt comfortable. Even after the