Facial Fat Reduction

When it comes to facial Fat reduction the options used to be Lipo, Lipo and more Lipo. For many of our patients who have no problems with surgical procedures the best answer is still…..LIPO! However, many patients now are looking for alternatives to remove fat from the face and neck without surgical procedures. Dr Green has hit on what he feels are the hottest topics in Non-Surgical facial fat reduction: Cool Sculpting “The Cool Mini”, Profound RF Contour treatment, and Kybella┬« injectable double chin treatments. We truly hope you do enjoy going through these topics and hope you find the answers you are looking for. We invite you to schedule your consultation today!! Also, if you just have a question feel free to email Dr. Green directly and he will personally get back with you to see your questions answered! [email protected]

Kybella: The Injectable Double Chin Solution