Otoplasty is a proceedure for refining the shape, projection and overall anatomy of the ear. While in some cases we see middle age individuals for otoplasty, the majority of otoplasty patients are children. The majority of these children are entering a period of their childhood where they are beginning to socialize and they are finding that others can be cruel at times.

Malformations of the ear present in various forms. Some patients suffer from an overgrowth of a certain cartilage while others failed to fully develop the anatomy that is missing. Understanding the native anatomy of the ear and the structures that give its shape are crucial in modifying the cartridge that gives the ear its shape. The areas Dr. Green most frequently addresses are ear projection and overall shape or contour.  By employing various techniques it is possible to not only tuck the ears back but also add definition to the areas that are missing. Dr. Green has successfully treated many patients ranging from the most basic ear deformities through complex ear reconstruction. 

Otoplasty Recovery

Most patients after an ear tuck procedure do incredibly well. There is minimal pain and discomfort. About 5-7 days after surgery dressings from the ear itself are removed. The first week to two we encourage patients to wear a head band holding the ears in their new position.  All suture used in the skin are dissolvable and do not require removal. Bruising after otoplasty is uncommon. 

Otoplasty Before and After Pictures

Dr. Green speaks, lectures, and teaches and is constantly taking high quality photographs of our patients for these purposes. While Dr. Green take’s great pride in the product of his work the majority of Dr. Green‘s photo galleries are maintained in the office and are available for all our potential patients for review. 

See Dr. Green‘s Otoplasty Reviews and Ear pinning Results 5 star review by Wendy Peterman - Two of my children had otoplasty done about a year ago and I was very impressed with how personable he was to me and my children. And the procedure couldn't of went any smoother. From the first consultation with him and leading up to the procedure he wanted to make sure the kids knew what to expect and make sure they felt comfortable. Even after the