Nasal Skin Procedures

This category of procedures is a little diverse, but there are two main types of procedure that are worthy of specific discussion. The first it the treatment of Rhinophyma and the second is camouflage rhinoplasty.


Rhinophyma is usually a long standing overgrowth of the sebaceous glands of the tip of the nose. These tiny little glands are responsible for keeping the skin lubricated. This growth does not represent a tumor but can grow to be disfiguring. Dr. Green uses radio frequency  or CO2 laser resurfacing to aesthetically resurface the nose. This procedure is usually performed under IV sedation. The nose may appear red to pink for several weeks after the procedure.

Camouflage rhinoplasty

Not all nasal deformities require surgery to be corrected and not every patient with a nasal deformity is ready to undergo a surgical procedure. The dorsal hump on the bridge of the nose is one such concern that can often be camouflaged with injectable filler. Although this is a solution that must be repeated every year or two it is a non surgical option for correction of some of or patients aesthetic nasal concerns.