Facial Implants

Dr. Green absolutely loves facial implants!! No matter if its cheeks, chins, temples, or custom implants if you are looking for facial volume then we have an implant for you!! If you are finding this page and are simply just finding out about facial implants then we would like to tell you a little bit about them. As we age volume is lost and relocated. This is how those nice full youthful cheeks turn into heavy jowls over 40 years or so. This leaves patients feeling like a raisin with loose saggy skin leaving them feeling aged. One way to address this is to full the skin tight, but as Dr. Green likes to say that just leaves looking like a tight raisin. Patients need volume to rejuvenate the face and cheek implants are a phenomenal and permanent way to add that volume. Facial implants can also be used to  redefine the face and jaw line for patients lacking definition of chin projection. These are straightforward procedures that can be performed under light sedation. Many types of implants can even be placed through incisions inside the mouth leaving no visible scars on the facial skin!!  Please contact us today to schedule your facial implant evaluation.