Ear Lobe Augmentation


Anyone with pierced ears most likely knows someone that has had an earring torn out or a piercing that has widened over time to the point where it is an aesthetic concern. Many people assume this is something they just have to live with which is not the case at all. Dr. Green frequently repairs earlobes for such conditions and can often re-pierce the ear at the same time as the repair procedure. 

The other are of ear lobe repair which has grown with some frequency is the treatment of gauge associated laxity. While some people wear their gauges their whole life others decide it is a look they are no longer going for. This often leaves large loose hanging skin flaps that are not aesthetically desirable. These areas can be corrected with surgical procedure that recreates a more natural appearing ear lobe.  This can be accomplished under local anesthesia or IV Sedation dependent on the patient preference.


Over time or sometime just by genetics ear lobes grow larger than is normally considered to be aesthetic. While this can be the one an individual is born in many cases this is the result of many of years of heavy earring use. This is actually a fairly common problem and can be addressed with a small surgical procedure that reduces the size and can be used to change the overall shape of the earlobe. Once again this can be accomplished under local or IV Sedation.


Dr. Green often sees patients that have had other cosmetic procedures done elsewhere but still feel like their earlobes detract from an otherwise youthful appearance. Using a combination of fat transfer or resurfacing via Laser or Chemical peel, aging ear lobes can be rejuvenated to a more youthful appearance. 

If one of these descriptions fits you contact us today and schedule your Earlobe Repair, Reduction or RejuvenatioN!