Lip Augmentation

So you want fuller lips. Yes we do that! Dr Green sees a wide range of patients looking for fuller and more youthful appearing lips. In one medical publication it was actually proposed that the peak of fullness in the female lip is at 16 years of age!! While most 16 year olds are thinking about the fullness of their lips, it is apparently the peak, but we can definitely help change that. There are multiple safe options for both subtle and aggressive volumization of the lips. This can range from just adding a little more fullness to redefining the lip margins and creating more “pink” show for patients that have thin lips. While there are multiple surgical options for rejuvenating lips such as fat transfer or lip lifts and reductions, the majority of the lip patients we see are for filler placement which is done right in our medical spa! Lastly, while Dr. Green does see some patients that want “HUGE” lips but most patients DON’T and are looking for subtle change. We hear all the time that “I don’t want Duck Lips” and believe us, we understand!!