Cheek Implants

As we age the volume of the face tends to decrease and descend. The fat that we do retain winds up in a lower position leaving the midface looking hollow and the jowls feeling heavy. Many procedures have been invented to try and address this including the mid face lift, deep plane face lift, and composite face lift. These procedures are more aggressive and higher risk than a the facelift that Dr. Green utilizes and leaves the patient feeling over tightened and more hollow than when they began. By combining cheek implants with facelift surgery Dr. Green is able to no only reestablish the neck by removing excess skin but also rejuvenate the midface by placing volume back in a youthful position in the mid face.

Other individuals that are excellent cheek implant patients are those that have very little cheek definition and would love to have “cheekbones. Through experience in choosing the right type of cheek implant Dr. Green can vary the outcome from a more full and youthful look for some to a much more defined and elegant look for others. Cheek implants are a vital part of many of our comprehensive facial rejuvenations.

Cheek Implants vs Filler

Re-Volumizing the mid face is a crucial factor when performing facial rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Green lectures often about adding the lost fullness back to the face while performing facelift surgery. Instead of just pulling patients tight and creating an unnatural look, volume and tightening combined together give an amazingly natural and youthful appearance to our patients! This can be done with cheek implants or filler. Filler can be natural with fat transfer or synthetic with syringe fillers. Of the three options cheek implants are the only truly permanent solution that is stable from day one. Dr. Green does perform a large amount of fat transfer as well and although  this is a more natural approach, the patient must be prepared for the possibility of additional transfer sessions because fat does undergo a resorption and stabilization phase. Watch Dr. Green‘s video below to understand this concept of “re-volumization” further.

Cheekbone Implants before and After

Dr. Green speaks, lectures, and teaches and is constantly taking high quality photographs of our patients for these purposes. While Dr. Green takes great pride in the product of his work the majority of Dr. Green’s photo galleries are maintained in the office and are available to all our potential patients for review. 

Cheek Implant Recovery

The Recovery for cheek implants varies from patient to patient. It is rare for a patient to have significant pain or discomfort. The patients usually undergo a short period of cheek swelling and may have some transient numbness or tingling in this area. Because the muscles that affect smiling all attach in this area, a short period may exist where the patient feels there smile is disrupted but patients return to normal animation during recovery.

Cheek Augmentation Technique

Cheek implants can be placed through the facelift approach when being combined with a comprehensive facial rejuvenation or through small incisions in the mouth when performed alone. Neither incision is visible however. While some surgeons do not fixate their cheek implants Dr. Green has found implants to much more stable in the long term when fixated in place. These prevents implant migration. When performed correctly Cheekbone implants are an amazing way to rejuvenate the face with minimal downtime and should be discussed in any comprehensive facial rejuvenation workup.

Cheek Implant questions

How much do cheek implants cost?

A cheek implant procedure ranges in our practice from $3,700-$5,200. This varies by type location complexity etc. This may also require a small Implant fee to cover the cost of special materials unique to this procedure.

How long do cheek implants last?

Dr. Green uses silicone implants which are permanent. The can be easily removed if the patient is not happy with the outcome but are intended to be remain forever. Unlike filler or fat transfer the implants are stable from day one and other than the initial swelling do not change over time.

Does Dr. Green do male cheekbone implants?

Just as in women men loose volume in the mid face as well as they age contributing to deeper tear troughs and heavier nasolabial folds. Dr. Green performs male facelifts frequently that benefit from cheek augmentation at the same time. Additionally, some men with congenitally weak midfaces may benefit from malar augmentation.

Why do I see so many cheek implants gone wrong?

Well Dr. Green gets this question all the time. Since shows like “Botched” became popular more and more bad outcomes are seen. The truth of the matter is cheek implants are technique sensitive and should be placed by experience providers. Implant choice and placement are both critical and bad results can occur when extreme attention to detail is used. In the worst case scenario silicone implants are easily removed.