Autogenous Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation with fat transfer has proven to be an excellent option for patients desiring either a longer lasting or more natural option. Dr. Green performs these procedures on a routine basis. As time progresses in life the majority of individuals loose facial volume. This includes the loss of lip volume. One publication Dr. Green references frequently places the peak fullness of the female lip at 16 yrs old on average. Now not everything goes downhill from 16 but when it comes to the youthful fullness of the face sometimes it feels like that. Fat transfer is an excellent option for a more natural and more permanent option for augmentation of the lip.

What is Fat Transfer??

Fat transfer, also known as autogenous fat transfer or structural fat grafting is a procedure in which Dr. Green sculpts or augments the face using the patient’s own fat. This can be an excellent procedure for patient that are wary of using facial fillers, require a large volume of augmentation or are tired of repeated injections. For this procedure fat is harvested conservatively via liposuction, processed and injected into the areas predetermined prior to the procedure to achieve the desired outcome. As opposed to fillers where injection is taken to endpoint, fat does undergo a resorption process and in some cases additional treatment sessions may be required to achieve the patient’s desired outcome.

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