Lip Filler

Facial Fillers are a group of products that come manufactured in sterile syringes and are injected directly into the area of concern. The areas of treatment are limited to any are where more volume is desired: Cheeks, Tear Troughs, Folds, Nasal Deformities, Lips, Fine lines, etc. As the patient there is no better time to receive facial fillers as science has really provided us with a huge offering of products to match your desired result with filler that has ideal characteristics to meet that desire. Several of the newest fillers now last up to 2 years if desired. The majority of the fillers Dr. Green uses are hyaluronic acid based and can be fully reversed if needed. See our Blog posts on Aesthetic Facial Augmentation with Facial Fillers.

Lip Volume

Lip augmentation usually falls into one a few categories. The first such category is rejuvenation of lip volume. By adding volume back to the lip a younger appearing lip with more fullness and pout can be obtained.

Lip Definition

Many patients have little upper lip at all. They not only need fullness but also definition. By adding filler to lines surrounding the lip and vertically into the columns that go up to the nose a more defined lip can be created. This is often done in conjunction with adding fullness to the lip itself.

Fine Lip Lines

In the later half of lip or in patients that have a history of smoking fine vertical lines often appear around the lips. These can be difficult to treat. One of the best ways to treat these lines is with CO2 laser resurfacing, but not everyone has the recovery time available to undergo resurfacing. For these individuals the lines can be lessened or eliminated by the injection of fillers into these superficial lines. The choice of filler here is critical and two excellent choices are Volbella® by Allergan and Boletero® by Merz Aesthetic.

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