Facial and Neck Liposuction

Surgical Fat removal 

In many patients, significant deposits of subcutaneous fat play a large role in the appearance of our patient’s faces. In the younger patient population these subcutaneous fat deposits can be addressed with liposuction alone. In this patient population, the remaining elasticity of the skin allows it to retighten once the fat is removed. This can be performed through tiny, nearly imperceptible incisions that are rarely visible after healing from the procedure. This procedure is often done under IV Sedation or in some cases local anesthesia. In patients presenting midlife often there is a component of skin laxity as well as subcutaneous fat and in these cases fat removal as well as a skin removal procedure such as facelift is indicated. 

Non-Surgical Neck Lift

Most recently there has been an excellent new product released that makes removal of that stubborn fat deposit under the neck as easy as a few injections. This product, KYBELLA®, is a revolutionary new treatment that can be injected as easily as BOTOX®. The treatment usually takes 10 minutes and most patients are satisfied in 2 treatments.  

If you are interested in surgical or non-surgical fat removal of the neck and face, contact us today to schedule a consult!